Feedback Joint EU Smart Shipping & Logistics Platform

Feedback Joint EU Smart Shipping & Logistics Platform

Dear JESS&L platform member, At the end of the NOVIMOVE project, NOVIMOVE will hand over the platform to the PLATINA4ACTION (website: project. Before doing so, we would like to hear your thoughts about the last couple of years and your ideas for the future. Best regards, The NOVIMOVE team.


Evaluation of past performance

As you probably know, the platform aims to create synergies by bringing project coordinators together of European funded RD&I projects for the segment of Inland Navigation with a focus on smart, green and climate resilient inland waterway transport. This part of the survey asks you to look back upon the last couple of years of the platform to draw lessons for the future.
Did the platform live up to your expectations?

Input for the future of the platform

As stated before, Platina4Action will continue the platform. The project already has some ideas about this and wants to know your opinion about those. Further, any general suggestions are most welcome.
Again, for more information about Platina4Action. See the website:
Platina4Action wants to set up a Teams Page, Website and Logo for the platform. Please check the box below if you welcome each option.
What should be the frequency of online meetings?
Would you also welcome in-person meetings of the platform?
Currently, the platform is one group. Given the growth of the platform over the last years and the fact that we have projects (members) that focus on different aspects, a possibility is to set up task forces (or sub-groups) for more topic-specific discussions. The overal platform can still meet as one a few times per year, but work cooperation would be coordinated in task forces. We’re planning for a taskforce/sub-group on zero emission in cooperation with PNO (Foremast Project).
Below are a couple of activities the platform might focus on during the continuation. Please select those you like best (multiple answers possible).
Scope: what kind of projects are welcome to join the platform? Multiple answers possible.